International contemporary art exhibition < A P O - C A L Y P S E > Exposition Internationale d'Art Contemporain
International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Clarens/Montreux (CH) – 16.11. - 21.12.2012
Yohei Nishimura
Yohei Nishimura uses clay, iron, lead as well as books to create his pieces. Focusing on the difference between “seeing” and “looking”, his work consists in casting doubt on the representation of the physical world. He has also made himself a name for his book baked at very high temperature in ovens, fixing them into sculptures. His works are found in a number of collections including those of the Tokyo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the National Céramics Museum in Sèvres, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He has taught for 23 years at the Chiba school for the visually impaired, and runs the Nishimura Research Center at the Japan Women's University in Tokyo.
Born in Kyoto in 1947
Lives and works in Chiba and Tokyo

One Hundred Paperbacks
Books that have been vitrified by being heated at high temperature in a ceramic oven, and their respective covers, metallic bases, 2012