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International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Clarens/Montreux (CH) – 16.11. - 21.12.2012
Sigismond de Vajay
Doubling as artist and curator, Sigismond de Vajay explores the effect of the consumer society on our natural environment through drawing, sculpture or installations. His works have been exhibited in various galleries and institutions in Europe and South America. He founded the Toit du Monde gallery in Vevey, the KBB art centre in Barcelona as well as a publishing house of the same name in Buenos Aires, and organised a number of international exhibitions such as Repeat All and Of Bridges and Borders.
Born in Paris in 1972
Lives and works in Buenos Aires

Desarrollo & Decadencia
Ilfotrans silver prints, light box, 2009

With support of:
Service culturel de la Ville de Vevey
Jacqueline Schlumpf
Laurent Ballif
Natacha Rosset
Peter et Therese Scholl
Christine Delley
Christine Horvath
Patrice Carrel
Alain Huck
Daniel Bovard
Christine Köenig
Pierre Chiffelle
Le Bout du Monde SA
Renate Buser
Jean Pierre Boillat