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International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Clarens/Montreux (CH) – 16.11. - 21.12.2012
Jonathan Monk
Jonathan Monk creates installations as well as practicing drawing and video. Using humour, satire and misappropriation of existing works of art, Jonathan Monk demystifies artistic processes and explores the place of the artist in society. He has exhibited in numerous institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New-York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. His pieces are also represented in major collections such as the Solomon Guggenheim and the Tate Britain in London.
Born in Leicester (United Kindom) in 1969
Lives and works in Berlin

Neon, 2012
Courtesy Jonathan Monk / Yvon Lambert, Paris /...Einzwedrei

The Documentation Of A Life And Of A Death
Video, length: 2016 hours, 2011-2012
Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin, Courtesy J. Monk
Film clip: 2 last minutes of the video