FAFSWAG / 2019


Tanu Gago  – Pati Solomona Tyrell  – Moe Laga – Manuha’apai Vaeatangitau

Vernissage lundi 6 mai 2019

Expo du 10 mai au 02 juin 2019

Inspired by sociologist Erving Goffman’s exploration of the ‘ritualization of subordination’ (Gender Advertisements, 1976), FAFSWAG present Subordinate Tissue, a new performance proposing the articulation of the body as a text. In this work, the collective examine social classification of ‘feminine’ as subordinate to cultural definitions of ‘masculine’, introducing a new ritualization around the public presentation of gender, and resisting with force the colonial imperative of white, heteronormative and gendered subordination. In a geopolitical repositioning of gender norms as presented through the proliferation of modern western gender imperatives, we know from lived experience that presenting divergent notions of these coded gender constructs within a public space directly compromises and threatens the stability of traditional gendered power structures. This manifest through the often violent and aggressive social outcasting of neutrally coded or nonconforming bodies from public space. In Aotearoa it is queer indigenous identities namely Māori and Pacific communities disproportionately affected by these acts of violence and body reform. It is in this precarious liminal space where presupposed colonial power is compromised that the work ‘Subordinate Tissue’ is staged. The militarization of the body as mechanism for self defence and protection, symbolically attempts to introduce a new ritualisation around the public presentation of gender, resisting with force the colonial imperative of white, heteronormative cisgendered subordination. FAFSWAG is a visual arts incubator for queer indigenous creatives working collaboratively to activate public and digital space and disavow false representations of queer brown identities and bodies through creativity and self expression.

FAFSWAG operates across a multitude of interdisciplinary art forms and genres. We develop site specific cultural experiences and arts engagements that speak to our unique and diverse contexts as LGBT peeps from Oceania. We have presented and exhibited extensively within Aotearoa New Zealand including, Auckland Art Gallery, the Auckland War memorial Museum, ARTSPACE NZ, COCA Centre of Contemporary Arts Christchurch, and are the 2017 Company in residence at Basement Theatre and the winners of the 2017 Auckland Theatre Award for best overall work. FAFSWAG was also the 2018 Artist in residence at Pa Rongorongo Auckland.


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