Representing the Tromanale at the HYPOCRITE exhibition:

- StØrfan Sender: film-maker, visual artist and musician
- Fake Mistress: performer, singer and painter
- Carsti Cyper: video artist

- Reverent Scapegoat : performance (Pia Christensen and Francesco Pulvirenti)


The Tromanale, an independent film festival in Berlin, is organised by a collective of international video-artists, performers, musicians and artists. Film makers from all over the world can submit their films
which are being shown during the 10 day festival in February. A
programme of concerts and performances is presented every night. The festival took place in 2005 and 2006. The entrance is free and the whole festival organised by the dedication of volunteers.


StØrfan Sender

> Born July 1972 in Waren (Germany)

>> 1978-1988
> 10 years school

>> 1988-1991
> apprenticeship as electronic

>> 1991-1992
> High School

>> 1992-1996
> Studies of technical computer science

> since 1996 work as freelance sound technician, event organiser, still-and video-photographer, electronic technician and A/V recordist and editor

>> 2006

> ONG A/V-Installation at lost shadows festival
(http://www.lost-shadows.net) with cyper and white rabbit
> Performances with 4qheeler/Fake Mistress and Rev.Scapegoat at Behind Bars Festival in London
> Love Your Car! Performance in Berlin (as 1 camera and editor)
> Tromanale screenings and 4qheeler performances in Melbourne and Hobart (Aus)
> Common Poverty Games (parallel to CommonWealth Games) in Melbourne
> Tromanale (http://tromanale.de)
> (Event-Organisation and realisation, video installation, documentation,live performances with 4qheeler/fakemistress and dr.nexus+trodzka )
> a lot of concerts with different artists (4qh/fm, lifeloop, tiefenrausch orchester, emergency system...) and as a visual artist

>> 2005

> Evolution, performance with Rev. Scapegoat at Chaos Computer Congress AfterShow
> Pope vs Santa (as Santa), performance with Rev. Scapegoat
> StØrfan Sender: Rauschen für 8 Radioempfänger und Reas-o-nator-matrix, Live installation and performance at Tesla Berlin
> a lot of concerts and festivals solo and with non collective
(http://non-collective.de ), 4qheeler/FakeMistress
> some album releases ( http://stoerfansender.de/audio.html )


> 2002-2004

> live concerts and albums with non-collective
(http://www.non-collective.de/nonaudio.html), 4qheeler, sexyfingers/cleanhands and solo ( http://stoerfansender.de/audio.html )
> contracted work for documentary productions, restoration projects,events etc.

>> 2000 – 2001

> Touring Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand with WMT , The Ruiness Ensemble (http://www.non-collective.de/stoerfansender/audio.html#anchor3), The Loading Zone and other artists, a lot of recordings and some performance pieces (TempleofMilitantHardCoreBhuddism, Collingwood Autonomonous
Circus, The Russian Disko)

> since the early 90s involved in different musical and performance art projects


Fake Mistress

> born 1971 in Aachen

> french/german nationality
> education: master degree of social anthropology



> Fake Mistress + 4qHeeler
> Emergency System
> Fake Masters/Fake Sisters/Fake Russians/Fake Family
> CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain

Shows & exhibitions (selection):

>> 2006
> Den Frie Gallery Kopenhagen
> concert at Russel Square, London
> Ni muzique-noise music festival in Tienen, Belgium
> organisation and concerts at Tromanale Berlin

>> 2005
> group exhibition at RAW-Art-Gallery Berlin
> organising a stage on the Off-daze-festival-2 week independent music-camp 80km from Berlin
> Dada-Festspiele-Zürich

>> 2004
> Fuckparade Berlin
> Roter Salon Berlin

>> 2003
> das weiße Rauschen -Rauminstallation at Zum Gelben Affen
> Forum Social Europeen, Paris
> Sotodo-performance festival-Berlin
> Dada-Festspiele Zürich

>> 2002
> Magistrale Neukölln Berlin
> Dada-Festspiele Zürich

>> 1999
> Surreale Berlin
> Casablanca-soap opera-Berlin



> puppensingspiel performance at Tromanale 2005, Berlin

> at Den Frie Gallery with emergency system, Kopenhagen february 2006:
> december 2003 with Fake Masters and CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain at “Paradies” exhibition in a bunker, Berlin


Carsti Cyper

> Place of bith: Finsterwalde, Germany, Kollwitzstrasse 93, 10435 Berlin, Germany


> School, Gymnasium, Cottbus, Abitur

>> 1990 - 2000
> Freie Universität Berlin, Educational Sciences, Medienpädagogik, Medienpsychology

>> 1996
> bacheleor degree

>> 1996
> NYU, New York Unisversity, New York
> Art and Medialab, different none degree kurses, Avid, Mediadesign, Camera

Further Education:

>> 2005
> Video and Sounddesign, Cim Data, Berlin


>> 1996 -2004
> Teacher for IT and Mediadesign. Germany, Berlin, Arbeitskreis Medienpädagogik
> Film, Editing, Composting, Camera, Systemadministration, Programming Websites, Streaming Medi
> Systemadministrator for different Clients, Germany, Berlin, 1996 - 2004

>> 1994-1996
> Artdirector Assistent, Setdesign, for Musicvideos for MTV Production in NYC, Nina Hagen, Wu Tang Clan, K7, ....

>> 1996
> Costumedesign Assistent, Musical Rent, NYC

>> 1996-2006
> Metaldesign Assistent, TMthree, NYC

>> 2003-2006
> Member of C-Base
> Videoartist, Videoinstallations, Videodesign and FX, Vj-ing (Software: 3dsMax, Maya, Shake, Avid, VVVV, MaxMSP)

>> 2005
> Member of Visual Berlin

>> 2004, December
> Congress Of CCC, (Chaos Computer Club), AVIT - Videoshow
> Videoinstallation, Vj-ing

>> 2005, December
>Congress Of CCC, Visual Berlin - Videoshow
> Videoinstallation, Vj-ing

>> 2005, February
> Hau, Theater am Hallischen Ufer, Berlin
> Stanislav Lem, Videoinstalltion an Vj-ing

>> 2005, März
> Mainz, Theater
> Stanislav Lem, Videoinstallation and Vj-ing

>> 2005, Juli
>Camp CCC in Netherland
> Videoinstallation and Videoediting for CCC and C-Base

>> 2005, April
> Vj-ing Tresor, Berlin

>> 2004, June
> Kindertag, Videoinstallation, Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

>> 2005, February
> Tromanale, Filmfestival, Berlin, C-Base
> Streaming Media, Converting Movies, Technical Director, Vj-ing, Videoinstallation

>> 2006, February
> Tromanale, Filmfestival, Berlin, Tacheles
> Streaming Media, Converting Movies, Technical Director, Vj-ing, Videoinstallation

>> 2006, Mai
> Freaks Friends and Players, Bremen
> Videoinstallation and Vj-ing with Visual Berlin

>> 2006, June
> Fabrik, Schöneweide, Installation

>> 2006, June
> Videodesign, Vj-ing for CSD with Motion Works, Christopher Sreet Day, RBB - Television, Show - coming up 22.07.06


Reverent Scapegoat ( Francesco Pulvirenti, Pia Christensen)

Rev. Scapegoat is a loose collective of artists and
performers founded by Francesco Pulvirenti in Sicily
in 2003, using theater, body-art, story-telling and
improvisation in order to question christianity, technology
and western civilization as such.
Since 2005 it is part of the Tromanale collective, organizing
parades and all the actions that take place during
and after the festival in the streets of Berlin.

>> May 2003:
> live show in "Achab" Catania (IT)
> bondage act in "Taxi Driver" Catania (IT)

>> June 2003:
> "an unecessary display of violence" at the University of Cosenza (IT)

>> June 2004:live act "too many dolls" in Cartiera, Catania (IT)

>> February 2005:
> S/M opera singer show and costume-parades in honor of the first Tromanale free film festival, Berlin

>> February 2005:
> "schnell und sauber", or how to clean your soul in a laundrette - live act, Berlin

>> May 2005:
> as part of the Troma Team at the Cannes film festival we organized the first public slave auction in Europe since the 18th century
> part of the queeruption festival in Barcelona

>> July 2005:
> Lessons in good manners, S/M show in Carrubba (IT), see streaming: www.archive.org/details/Corso.de.galateo-Lessons.in.Good.Manners

>> September 2005:
> Tinergiin ayalii (the dream of the glue-sniffer) strip-tease show in the street in Istambul

>> December 2005:
> Pope vs. Santa: who rules christmas? live wrestlin' match in the centre of Berlin
> Evolution for beginners, a live act for the Chaos Computer Club conference, Berlin

>> January 2006:
> One second Horror show: live theater to be seen only from the running metro, Berlin

>> February 2006:
> again parades and invasion of Berlinale and McDonalds to celebrate Tromanale, Berlin

>> April 2006:
> love your car day, live act Berlin, see streaming: www.archive.org/details/Love.Your.Car

>> May 2006:
> bondage show at The square, London (UK)

>> July 2006:
> "reborn" live act will be at the Queer - festival in Copenaghen (DK)