Blek Le Rat



> Born on november 15th ,1951 .Paris, France

> Live and work in Paris , France.

> 1971-1976 Study Etching ,lithography,painting at the "Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-arts de Paris"

> 1976-1982 Study Architecture at "Unite pedagogique d'architecture No6" Paris, France

> Since 1981 to 2005 his work is concentrated on urban art  in
different cities of the world.He is the pioneer of the stencil
graffiti art ,introducing the technic into graffiti in Paris in 1981
and now followed by many artists in the world. He introduced in the
urban art the concept of making large size figure of people .


Selected Exhibitions

>> 1985
> Pierre Lescot Gallery ,Paris, France " Les artistes au telephone"
> Saint Claude Gallery ,Paris, France "Peinture Sauvage"
> Fresco in the University of Nanterre Paris, France
> National center of contempory art of Paris Gallery,"Affiches detournées"
> French Ministry of culture "Frescoes on walls"

>> 1986
> Agnes B Gallery, Paris, France. "Pochoirs"
> Ministry of culture, Saint Quentin, France ."Emotion"
> Peuple et culture, Tulle , France "Stencil graffiti in Tulle"
> Forum of Rock, Montreuil, France
> Frasso Telessino, Napoli, Italy.
> Palais des Papes, Avignon, France"In between out"
> CNAP ,Nice ,France "Verbes d'Etats"
> Gallery Loft ,Paris, France "Group Show"
> Jean Marc Patras Gallery ,Paris, France."Urban art show"
> Transmusicales de Rennes FNAC, Rennes ,France.

>> 1987
> Gallery Loft , Paris
> L'autre rive Gallery, Paris France" International museum of graffiti"
> French Institude of Oslo and Stockholm.
> Salon du Livre Saint- Etienne, France " Performance" gallery Loft , Paris

>> 1988
> Graffiti the Christ in NYC
> French Institute of Napoly, Italy. " Graffiti in the street ,exhibition in the Institute"
> La Villette, Paris, " Histoire des Rockers"
> French Institute of Mainz, Germany. "Exhibition"
> Nuit du Palace, Le Palace, Paris France."Performance"
> Lara Vinci Gallery, Paris France"48 a table"
> Verre Lumiere Gallery, Paris " Shadow and light"
> Tshirt for Kenzo

>> 1989
> French Institute of Marrakech, Maroco. "Les rencontres de
> Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Germany."And der wand"
> Kunstverein Heildelberg, Germany . "Schablonen Graffiti"
> Gemeentemuseum Helmond,Nederland "Schablonen Graffiti"
> Palais des Festivals Cannes, France. " Exposition Biennale"
> Hotel de ville Buffemont, Val d'Oise, France." Art Urbain"
> Huber Volker gallery Lisboa Portugal

>> 1990
> Christophe Gallery , Avenue Matignon, Paris" Permanent exhibition"
> Parick Riquelme Gallery ,Vannes France

>> 1991
>Takarashi Gallery, Tokyo. "Blek le rat From Paris to Tokyo"
> Christophe Gallery ,Avenue Matignon, Paris" Stencils on wood"
> Salon de l'Ephemere Ville de Fontenay sous bois France.
> Ephemere gallery, Leipzig ,Germany "Exhibition Schabonen graffiti Blek le rat"
> Globus Gallery, Leipzig, Germany"Street art"
> University of Leipzig, Germany.
> Concert hall of Elysee Montmartre France" Performance"

>> 1992
> Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France."Lart vif ,la revue parlée"
> Espace Carnot ,Lille, France "L'art vif "
> Creusot museum ,France"Un regard sur l'art"
> Espace Belleville CFDT, Paris"Fin de Millenaire"
> Le Cailar Gallery Le Cailar France "graffiti in cavern"

>> 1993
> Paul Ricard Gallery castle Paul Ricard, France "Graffiti in the castle"
> Arnaud Brument Gallery Paris France" La belle et la bete"

>> 1994
> After beeing arrested by the police and a judgement at the court of justice of Paris for graffiti Blek stopped to make exhibitions in galleries untill 2002 for solely to work in the streets of the cities worldwide. In contradiction with the etablished rules he decided to give his art directly to the people and only to this.
one thousand of a self portrait on posters in serigraphy were pasted up in the year in the streets of Paris

>> 1995
> one thousand of different posters in serigraphy were pasted up in the streets of Paris

>> 1997
> five hundred posters in serygraphy were pasted up in Napoli Italy "The family"

>> 1998
> five hundred poster printed in serygraphy were pasted up in Leipzig Germany

>> 2000
> One hundred posters printed in serigraphy were pasted up in Barcelona Spain

>> 2001
> French institute of Maroco Volubilis one hundred posters stencil on paper were pasted up in the archeological site of Volubilis

>> 2002
> Urban art gallery Berlin "Blek was here" first exhibition since 1993
> Worshop in Kokerei Essen Germany Battle of the year

>> 2003 to 2005
> Exhibition in the Reitschule with Lee Quineones(USA) Bern

> Blek shows his work only in the streets of different cities like,
Buenos Aires Argentina, London England,Paris France, Berlin, Leipzig, Koln, Hannover Germany, Firenze, Napoli, Roma Italy, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo Spain, Praga Tcheq Republic, New York USA, Marrakesh, Volubilis Marocco, Lisboa Portugal, Bern, Geneva Swisserzland.


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